Online Blockchain (OBC) takes its crypto coins to Latin America

Online Blockchain plc, a leading blockchain company in the UK, is launching, in partnership with ADVFN Brazil, ‘Brazio’ — a cryptocurrency that will pave the way for the blockchain revolution to reach South America. Brazil is one of ADVFN’s biggest audiences and an exciting market into which to introduce crypto coins, as users are proactive in seeking alternative financial services.

Estimates indicate that 30% of Brazilian households have no access to banking/financial services. Brazio is the tool to change this, by enabling the people of Brazil to create their own financial infrastructure with a fair, self-governing, decentralised network.

It operates on Proof of Work, which means that any Brazilian with a computer can mine the coin at a 0% mining fee. Anyone with a PC or smartphone, and an internet connection can transact with Brazio. In fact, Brazio was designed to work optimally on personal computers, empowering individuals over financial institutions.

Brazio is a secure digital currency, providing the people of Brazil with a doorway into the cryptocurrency revolution. With all the robust features of a secure and fast blockchain, Brazio provides anonymous and virtually instant transactions, with a third party cannot interfere with, take control of or impose fees on.

The token allows users to send and receive payments anonymously and safely, as the Brazio system does not store any user’s personal information. It also supports a high volume of transactions within the network, a feature intentionally designed to accommodate Brazil’s large population and booming financial activity.

“Brazio is a cryptocurrency, designed with the interests of the people of Brazil at heart. By using Brazio, you are transacting on a secure, discrete blockchain, that cannot be censored or restricted by any government or malicious party. Brazio is easy to use, and transactions are both low in fees and virtually instant” says the developing team.

More information can be found on, and the company white paper here.

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