Meet coinpass: the fast, secure, and compliant crypto trading platform for investors, traders and businesses in the UK.

3 min readApr 13, 2022

Founded in 2018, coinpass offers an unparalleled user experience, aiming to provide a smooth gateway for crypto newcomers. In 2020, coinpass was voted Best Crypto Exchange by Crypto AM. Earlier this year, it became an FCA regulated company, making it one of the first UK platforms to be recognised as reliable and secure in the UK. It features the top cryptocurrencies and is planning to list up to four new coins each month. Additional new features such as DeFi options and staking will be coming very soon.

What does coinpass offer that other companies do not?

coinpass continually reassures safety and security while focusing on superior user experience: the new website was just released with improved UX and UI, and a brand new mobile app allows people to manage their portfolio on the go.

coinpass’ offering is not only designed for individuals but also for corporate clients. It has recently announced that the platform now supports the use of SSAS Crypto Pension. Small business owners can use coinpass to invest pensions and have more flexibility and control over their investments. Check out more here:

The platform also places emphasis on educating others on the crypto scene, with its blog that updates users on current news within coinpass, and shares tips to make crypto simpler for others. Read the blog here:

There is also a very attractive referral programme whereby users can earn up to up to 20% commission, as well as first trade incentives. Find out more here:

This frontrunner platform leads the pack in the crypto industry, especially when it comes to encouraging the UK to be more open to digital currencies and crypto.

coinpass has partnered up with UK-based Gunnercooke, the first law firm to accept cryptocurrency as payment. With the UK planning to become ‘a global hub for crypto-asset technology and investment’, coinpass is among the leading companies facilitating the coming changes.

When asked about Rishi Sunak’s plans to recognise stablecoin as a valid form of payment within the UK, Jeff Hancock, co-founder and CEO of coinpass said: “Adding stablecoins to the agenda is the best piece of news, as stablecoins have largely been ignored from all sides of legislation even though they are now essentially the backbone of all crypto trading, DeFi, Loans, Lending and transit into offering a fully transparent and workable Central Bank Digital Currency.”

Incorporating SSAS crypto pensions is just one of the innovative ideas showing how crypto can add value to the financial system and the economy. It is crucial for the British government to embrace new technologies with an open mind, looking at the advantages and opportunities instead of solely the risks. There are of course challenges, which can be addressed.

Jeff also commented ‘I pray that the UK decision-makers decide to act fast, skip the sandbox (which failed in the past) and take a more progressive stance towards “what crypto can do” and dump the old news blasts that crypto is just a scam and everyone should be prepared to lose their money. How well is GBP performing and holding its value lately?’

Watch the latest #FinancialFox video interview with coinpass CEO Jeff Hancock.




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