Blockchain to create a better internet: Digital Reputation expert Matteo Flora discusses how disruptive technologies can create a fairer online world

‘Thanks to Blockchain and AI, people can directly manage their digital identity and online reputation. This is game-changing and hugely powerful’

In the latest episode of FinancialFox, the well-known Italian digital activist and reputation expert Matteo Flora talked about digital identity and the challenges in managing our online reputations. Matteo is the founder of The Fool, a leading ORM company in Italy; and part of the founding team of Right of Reply (RoR), the fast-growing UK-based technology company boasting a cutting-edge blockchain-powered online reputation management platform with AI integration.

At the moment, users do not make use of many tools to respond to online content, due to the fast pace at which social media moves. As a result, people’s reputations are affected, often negatively and permanently.

Matteo is driven by the desire to democratise the right of reply ‒ a legal right in many countries ‒ to ensure that every individual can provide their own version of the story, helping build a fairer internet.

In his new venture, the start-up Right of Reply (RoR), Matteo is helping develop effective solutions to these problems. RoR’s cutting-edge applications are powered by blockchain and AI technology, both of which represent the latest digital revolution.

‘Thanks to Blockchain and AI, people can directly manage their digital identity and online reputation. This is game-changing and hugely powerful,’ he says. ‘RoR places an overlaying reputation layer upon the internet, newspapers and social media, so the comment is embedded in the article posts and can be seen by everyone.’

RoR is the first solution of its kind, creating a space for fair debate where participants in a story can provide their versions simultaneously, in the same online space and with same relevance: ‘RoR will be fully developed and widespread in a couple of years, then people around the world will have the means to access information that right now only VIPs paying huge amounts of money can get. It gives everyone the possibility to reply to online content.’

Matteo Flora talks to Crypto Guru Stefania Barbaglio on FinanciaFox

RoR’s platform is unique because it will offer a new tool to improve the quality of content that is already available: ‘Right now, Google deals with all the information we find online. But there is no way to integrate the users’ opinions. They are different missions: Google wants to retrieve information, whereas RoR wants everyone to be able to respond to this information — indeed, exercise their right of reply. Google is only dealing with content; we are dealing with the underlying stories behind that content,’ says Matteo.

Matteo believes that the boundaries between fake news and opinion are very blurred, nd that the solution to such a complex issue is to allow all participants in a story to give their respective versions. Platforms like RoR can be effective in the fight against fake news because they show how different sides of a story all contribute to one truth. ‘We are not able to draw a line between fake news and opinion, but what we can do is show both sides to a story, giving more detailed information about that story.’

Right of Reply (RoR) offer disruptive ORM tools. It deploys decentralised blockchain/AI-powered-systems to help people and enterprises manage their online reputations. RoR platforms, which will soon be released to users, has an important role in and contributes to supporting social justice by maintaining free press and fair media by providing management tools for online and real-world reputations. RoR is currently developing on 3 products for regulated media, online newspapers and magazines; credit agencies; and social media (RoR; RoCC and RoRKey respectively).

The pilot project will soon start in Italy. STAY TUNE

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